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From Beginners to Golf Pros

The Schloss Lüdersburg golf school offers training programs tailored to the needs of beginners and of advanced golfers. Take advantage of “Germany’s fastest Platzreife” (qualification to play on German courses) and be ready to play a round in only three days, or improve your swing and handicap with one of our intermediate courses. The Schloss Lüdersburg golf pros are also available for private lessons to meet your individual training needs. Or take a two-hour teaser course to get a feeling for the sport.

Germany’s Fastest Platzreife

In the course “Germany’s Fastest Platzreife” (qualification to play on German courses), the Schloss Lüdersburg golf pro gets you ready for the golf course in only three days. You will learn everything you need to start playing golf in 14 hours of training: swing, long and short strokes, and putting. The course includes the theory and practical tests as well as a starter kit consisting of glove, tee and rule book.