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Country Spa

A visit to the Country Spa is above all one thing: relaxing. Rest, slow down, experience and enjoy a leisurely pace. Take time for repose and quiet while sweating it all out in the sauna, a bath in the sound tub, alone or with a partner.

Pamper yourself with beauty treatments or a rejuvenating massage after an athletic round of golf on one of the championship courses, the Old Course or the Lakes Course – the decision is all yours.


Languorous Warmth for Your Health at Schloss Lüdersburg

You have chosen the sauna – a good choice. Whether you pick the heat chamber at 90 °C or the steam sauna: You will feel how quickly your body recuperates. The sweat streams off your body. It is healthy, purifying and relieving – and it makes you feel good. True to the sauna’s inventors’ intentions: You sweat in single-sex saunas at Schloss Lüdersburg, just like the Finns intended.

This authentic form ensures even more peace and relaxation. That’s what the Finns say. And they should know.


Pamper Your Body and Soul

A day on the golf course can be pretty strenuous, and you want to be able to try out the other course tomorrow. A massage will quickly relax your muscles and rejuvenate you. Massages pamper your body and soul. Your skin is stimulated, and millions of sensory cells react to the massage therapist’s touch. Tension is released, pain relieved. What can we offer you? Call to make a reservation: +49 4139 / 6970-0


Relax and be pampered

Take time for only you. Treat your skin to a pampering experience, care for your skin with enticing beauty ceremonies.
Banish stress and gain strength and vitality. We are always happy to attune beauty treatments to your needs.


Soft Tones and Cozy Warmth

Sound waves created with gentle underwater music, along with a play of colors, provide soothing relaxation. Choose different aromas from our assortment.

By the way: The tub is big enough for two!


Recuperate Comfortably in the Relaxation Room

A visit to the Country Spa at Schloss Lüdersburg is above all one thing: relaxing. Get comfortable on one of the lounges in the relaxation room, let the dark red walls and the crackling fire work their charms, read a good book or just close your eyes – time for dreaming.


Relax in the Fireplace Lounge

Sink into one of the armchairs or sofas in the fireplace lounge, the second relaxation area at the Country Spa, and let the candlelight calm you. A variety of coffee, selected types of tea, fruit juices and water, and fresh fruit await you.