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Lakes Course – Golfing Becomes a Real Experience

Built like a typical links course but with lots of water hazards, this 6067 m long 18-hole championship course is a highlight for every golfer. And the fact that it was designed by no one less than the golf icon Jack Nicklaus makes it even more appealing.

The lakes run into each other and seem to go on forever. This course is an unforgettable golfing experience.


For More Fun Golfing

“Golf the easy way” is geared towards beginners as well as experienced golfers. The ten easy rules allow the golfer to immediately enjoy his game without any pressure to perform.
There are four tee boxes at each hole, so you can better adjust the length of the hole to your ability. There is also a separate score card for “Golf the easy way” participants.

It is okay to...

"Golf the easy way" is available now on the Lakes Course" at Schloss Lüdersburg. Every player may - but is not obligated to - play by the new, simpler rules. Beginning immediately, every golfer has the opportunity to enjoy the round like he or she wants to. With the "It is okay to..." guidelines, "Golf the easy way" offers ten tips for a more relaxed private round of golf..

Es ist okay...

  • ... to not keep the score!
  • ... to give yourself a better lie by rolling the ball around a little bit. First learner can tee the ball up anywhere!
  • ... to throw the ball out of a bunker after one try!
  • give up a ball that may be lost or out of bounds !
  • ... to pick up in the middle oft he hole and enjoy the outdoors and the scenery!
  • ... to skip a hole if you need rest!
  • ... to move the ball if he´s in front of a tree, a stone or a hill!
  • ... to hit the same club fort entire round, while using a putteron the putting green!
  • ... to play golf in your sneakers! Be comfortable!
  • ... to play golf for having fun!


Virtual Fairway Guide Lakes Course

The 18 holes of the Lakes Course. Click your way from one hole to the next.



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